Credit Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

  • Tired of paying complicated credit card processing fees?
  • Is your equipment outdated?
  • Are you too busy to be stuck on hold with no customer service to help?

Consider changing your merchant service provider to us. Choosing the best processor can be a complex process.  We are here locally to help guide you and clarify your credit card processing options.

PROFESSIONAL FINANCING INC. (PFI) is setting new standards in connectivity, convenience and reliability.  I personally have served scores of businesses with credit card processing across the Greater Denver area.  I provide solutions so that business owners can eliminate fees and wasted admin time so that they can focus on building their business — with one less bill and one less worry.  The application process is simple, with minimal paperwork and easy online approval.  It’s so easy that you can begin processing credit cards today.

You can provide phenomenal experiences to your customers by using PFI’s services and technology solutions. Accept payments securely and efficiently with our powerful payment processing partners.

Enjoy these payment options:

mobile payments


POS point of sale

Point of Sale

eCommerce<br />


Phone<br />
Payments/<br />
Virtual<br />


Online Billing<br />
with Recurring<br />

Online Billing
with Recurring



Colorado-Based Processing Services

MY NAME IS DAVID PADILLA, the founder of Professional Financing Services in 2013.  I am a local Colorado credit card processing broker that has helped many business customers literally save thousands – sometimes tens-of-thousands of dollars per-month savings on their credit card processing bills.  Read the TESTIMONIALS of what my customers have said about our services.  Businesses like yours are reaping the rewards today.

Customer Satisfaction


Providing honesty, transparency,and simplified communication for business owners who soley depend on credit card processing for their business.

The Best Credit Card Processing Services

The Benefits to Using Our Processors vs. many competitors including but not limited to Square, Toast, or Spoton are simple.

  • LOCAL TECH SUPPORT – Our backend support is Superlative. You don’t have to wait forever for a return phone call or email. They call you when you need a reply on a busy work day — or worse — a busy work weekend.
  • SAVE MONEY – Legally pass on up-to 4% on all cards versus surcharging that is currently allowed up to 2% in Colorado on credit cards.
  • FREE EQUIPMENT in many cases – and you get a guarantee
  • INVENTORY ALERTS – Low inventory to vendors

Are you serious about eliminating your credit card processing bill?

You can put that money back in your pocket — or reinvest it into your business. Imagine how that would impact your life? Depending on the volume processed in many circumstances the savings can be more than two modern day mortgage payments.

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I look forward to hearing from you, and hope to serve you much better than you have been served.